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As a professional fighter, in a sport with weight classes, I am always concerned with what I eat and how it affects me. Other sports drinks are just empty calories, Formula XSport allowed me to cut weight while still providing me with enough carbohydrates and protein to not starve my body.
                  ─ Daniel, Professional Jujitsu and MMA Fighter, NY

I used to use another protein-based sports drink during my training but it tastes bad and was very hard to get down. Formula XSport has a very light taste and was so easy to consume, like water, yet still gave me all the energy I need to compete.
                  ─ Adam, Amateur Tri-Athlete, IL

Training for marathons is difficult enough but doing it in Florida is extremely grueling. I usually have to drink a ton of water during a run and still feel thirsty afterward. Formula XSport gave me the energy to finish the race strong and really quenched my thirst without making me feel bloated.
                  ─ Maria, Amateur Marathon Runner and Mom, FL

Having a professional job makes it very difficult to train as classes are right after work. I tried eating before class but my stomach always feels very funny when I get hit. Now I start drinking Formula XSport about 1/2 hour before training and continue to consume it slowly throughout the training session. This drink gives me the energy I need to train for 2 hours hard and wake up the next morning feeling great without that weird feeling in my stomach from trying to digest a meal during a hard workout.
                  ─ Mike, Martial Artist, PA

I play polocrosse which is a physically demanding 8 minutes of intense riding/competing, four times a day. There is an 8 minute break between the first two and the second two sets of games- time for the rider and the horse to recover. In intense heat this is where the sports drink really met its match for me. It quenched my thirst without leaving a sloshing feeling in my stomach and it tasted pretty good. By drinking a full bottle before my games I was able to keep my energy levels up. The second day I felt energized and ready to go and had the same great results. As an added bonus, the leg and foot cramps I was used to experiencing during the night never happened- I believe my muscles were replenished by the supplements better than anything else I've tried. This is a product that will be in my cooler at the next competition!
                  ─ Donna (54 yrs and going strong!) Polocrosse (lacrosse on horseback) Player, PA

As an amateur MMA fighter, I am always watching my calories in order to cut weight. This makes it very hard to focus and workout effectively. One Formula XSport provided me with enough energy to focus and complete an intense workout session and I felt great the next day. Formula XSport is now my product of choice for training and competitions, even when I am cutting weight.
                  ─ Dan, Amateur Jujitsu and MMA Fighter, PA

Being an avid exercise enthusiast who has not had time to work out lately, due to my job, my fitness level has drop and I am sore after every workout. Formula XSport gave me the energy to start my exercise routine again and I feel great. I now drink it every time I workout.
                  ─ Jack, Fitness Enthusiast, PA

I use to use the thick protein shakes after a workout and as meal replacements but after trying Formula XSport I will never go back. Formula XSport is so light and easy to consume and does not sit heavy in my stomach.
                  ─ Manny, Fitness Enthusiast, PA

With a hectic work schedule I always had to try to fit working out in but I was always too hungry to workout. I tried eating before working out but I still felt hungry and sometimes my stomach cramped up. I now drink Formula XSport right before working out, the hunger cravings are gone and I have enough energy to get through my workout.
                  ─ Marjie, Fitness Enthusiast, PA

Formula XSport is by far the best sports drink I have ever used. I have tried several other brands, but most of them are just sugar and salt. This drink gave me the extra "oomph" I needed to hit 2.5x bodyweight deadlifts, a new PR for me.
                  ─ Rob, Fitness Enthusiast, MI

Being a small female always watching her weight, I found it hard to work out because I was always hungry and tired from consuming too few calories. I now use 1/2 packet of Formula XSport during a workout and it provides me enough energy to get through my entire workout and actually suppresses my appetite enough so I do not chow down after I finish.
                  ─ Debby, Fitness Enthusiast, PA

Formula X is by far the best sports drinks I have ever used. I have tried all the other protein drinks and they all taste really bad. Formula X allows me to get more protein in during my workouts without tasting bad and making me feel sick; Citrus is the best, can't wait till you get a Recovery Citrus.
                  ─ Aaron, Fitness Enthusiast, PA

I love the fact that Formula X is so light, like drinking water, but I get everything I need to compete at the highest level.
                  ─ Dan, Collegiate Cyclist and Hockey Player, PA

I used to drink a popular milk-based recovery drink after I worked out but I love the Berry flavored Formula XSport and Formula XRecovery. They are so light and easy to consume, just like berry flavored water, but I get the protein my body needs to recover properly.
                  ─ Mike, Martial Artist and Fitness Enthusiast, MO

I am a long term sports drink and flavored water consumer, tried Formula XSport Berry and loved the taste; can't believe it has protein in it because it was so light and refreshing.
                  ─ John, Avid Beverage Consumer, PA

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