Train harder and recover faster from hard workouts with reduce carbohydrates

Formula XSport Lite maintains the same light and refreshing taste, like the Sport version, at 1/2 the calories. This patent-pending low calorie sports drink was developed to be consumed during exercise by athletes who are reducing their calorie intake by lowering the amount of carbohydrates they consume. Note, consuming Formula XSport Lite during exercise is not meant to replace the use of a post workout recovery drink but as a compliment to one.

What's in your sports drink?TM

If your sports drink does not contain both carbohydrates and protein, then it is based on outdated technology.

Nutritional information for
Formula XSport Lite
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    Formula XSport Lite Benefits:

  • Optimum energy for reduced calorie diets

  • Maintain optimum body composition easier - Stimulates satiety (appetite satisfaction) reducing the feeling of hunger.

  • Less cramping - blend of electrolytes, Na, K, Ca, Mg, & Zn, maintains proper muscle action.

  • Superior hydration due to optimal osmolarity

  • Reduced soreness - antioxidants combat exercise induced inflammatory response.

  • Faster recovery times - soluble protein initiates immediate muscle repair.

  • Light & easy to digest - like drinking flavored water.

  • Easily consumed during all types of exercise from strength training to high-threshold aerobic & anaerobic exercise.

Formula XSport Lite Contains:

  • 99% Pure & Soluble Protein - hydrolyzed and completely soluble for rapid absorption, high in branched-chain amino acids - to increase protein synthesis, thus improving muscle repair time and reducing soreness

  • Precursors of creatine, a molecule critical for maintaining optimal ATP levels and muscle cell volume

  • Precursors of Nitric Oxide, a molecule necessary for increasing blood flow and nutrient availability to exercising muscle

  • A proprietary blend of carbohydrates that is low in calories yet provides optimal levels of glucose to working muscles during strength training, aerobic, and anaerobic exercise

  • A proprietary blend of electrolytes & vitamins designed to swiftly replenish those consumed & lost during exercise, thus allowing the body to maintain optimal neuromuscular function

  • A proprietary blend of antioxidants designed to eliminate destructive free radicals generated during exercise, thus reducing muscle, joint, and blood vessel damage

  • 100% All-Natural Ingredients

Formula XSport Lite Does Not Contain:

  • Fat or Lactose

  • Preservatives, Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors or Colors

  • Caffeine

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Formula XSport Lite is a low calorie protein-enhanced sport drink that will enable athletes to perform at their maximum level longer and recover faster.